New infosec products of the week: June 3, 2022

Here’s a look at the most interesting products from the past week, featuring releases from ESET, Kingston Digital, SecureAuth, SecurityMetrics, Semperis, and Traceable AI.

infosec products June 2022

Kingston Digital launches hardware-encrypted USB drive for data security

Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 50 series are USB drives that provide business-grade security with FIPS 197 certified AES 256-bit hardware-encryption in XTS mode, including safeguards against BadUSB with digitally-signed firmware and against Brute Force password attacks.

infosec products June 2022

Semperis Purple Knight Post-Breach accelerates malware-free recovery from Active Directory attacks

Purple Knight Post-Breach helps organizations determine whether an attack was in progress when an AD backup was taken. Following an AD recovery, Purple Knight Post-Breach helps response teams find and remediate vulnerabilities before bringing the recovered environment back into production.

infosec products June 2022

SecureAuth Arculix strengthens passwordless authentication for enterprises

Arculix is powered by its patented behavioral modeling, which is driven by artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) technology. It combines desktop login, mobile, and SSO user experiences into a single, seamless, passwordless system. Backed by 47 patents, the platform is fortified by integration with a large set of multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods.

infosec products June 2022

ESET NetProtect suite protects customer devices connected to Telco and ISP networks

ESET has announced a new suite of products for the Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider (Telco and ISP) industry, with the aim of offering extensive protection to consumers. The new offering includes ESET NetProtect for Mobile and ESET NetProtect for Mobile Advanced, which offer security via mobile networks, and ESET NetProtect for Home Advanced, which helps secure fixed network connections.

infosec products June 2022

SecurityMetrics Pulse helps businesses detect and monitor cyber threats

SecurityMetrics Pulse scans your locations both externally and internally, identifying which points of your network are vulnerable. This can include misconfigured firewalls, malware hazards, and remote access vulnerabilities. Results of these scans are scored according to the CVSS. This data is then analyzed in the SecurityMetrics Threat Intelligence Center to identify indicators of compromise.

infosec products June 2022

Traceable AI introduces API Catalog solution to help organizations manage API-related security threats

The API Catalog solution provides DevSecOps with a single pane of glass for all APIs by showing all API activity in one place. The catalog prioritizes the most important and useful information first, as well as detailing potential risks and sensitive data exposure for all of the APIs that have been discovered.

infosec products June 2022

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