10. Sokule ‘Sokens’ perks are?


Sokule ‘Sokens’ perks are?


Invitation Offered by Founding Member Dr. Don

Sokens Bonuses

  • Matching ‘Sign-Up, Upgrade Offers x3
  • Example Sokens Value – We will auto-build your list
  • with 10 million free Sokens, Sokule Sokens (value $12,700.00).
  • 9/18 Matching x3 if 10m, the bonus becomes 30m  [value $38,000]Submit Details; Sokule Affiliate Id, Bonus Due to

Sokule Powerhouse Advertising Using Sokens

Sokule is FREE to Join

  • Sokens (credits) are a unique way to auto-build your list of followers.
  • Read the information below and start building your follower list today.
  • Sokule Has Given Away or Sold Over 50 Billion Sokens.


Good Day, I am Dr. Don Yates, Sr Ph.D.,

  • Founder of the Internet Crime Fighters Org, online since 2004
  • Researching and reporting Internet Crimes and Opportunities
  • Sokule Founder Member as well as many of Sokules’ Innovative Product and Services
  • Sokens are one of my best List-building and Bonus tools. 
  • Example – We will auto-build your list with 10 million free Sokens @ a
  • Sokule ‘Sokens (value $12,700.00).
Join Me Today and Let Sokule and Sokens build your List, Trackers for YOU

Using Sokens

Offer Sokule credits (Sokens) to others to encourage and entice them to track you. It’s up to you how many Sokens you offer to try to attract others to track you, but those users who provide the most Sokens usually end up with the most trackers. If you find someone has jumped ahead of you, you can always jump to the top of the list by offering more Sokens.

Earn Sokens – You can earn Sokens in many ways. For instance, you can make between 20-100 Sokens for reading other members’ posts and rating them. You can earn 50 Sokens for free and 300 Sokens for a paid signup. You can even claim Sokens when others follow you. See below…

Buy Sokens – you can purchase the Sokens you need and then offer them as an incentive to others to track you. Get more trackers fast. Paid members get an automatic 30% discount. Free members can upgrade here or purchase Sokens at the regular price.

Offer Sokens – What will you offer to get trackers fast? Now is the time to be generous, not stingy. Check out what the highest Sokens offer is, and then provide even more Sokens, so you jump ahead of everyone else and get noticed. People follow leaders, and now it’s your turn to lead.

Claim Sokens – This tool will search all members, find those you are not already tracking, and call up a list for you to follow. It will also show who is offering Sokens, and it will show you what their interests are. If they are similar to yours, then claim the sokens to start following them. Many will follow you back the same way.

Give Sokens – This tool allows you to give sokens to your trackers as a thank you for following you, as an incentive to upgrade in Sokule or somewhere else, as a birthday gift, or as any other kule surprises you manage to cook up. It’s a great way to stay in touch and be known as one of the good guys.

Accept Sokens – This tool allows you to accept or reject the sokens you receive from members.

Cash Funnel

The innovative programs in the cash funnel give you a way to make extra money. Most are free to join, or have a low entry fee. If you are a My Money Mailer founder member and you add your affiliate IDs, then they will appear on many other pages that show these links.

    • You can change all of the IDs in the programs to your own IDs.
    • If you are not a member of a program, join it. Most are free to join.
    • Then come back here and enter your user ID, and hit save. You will then be able to earn commissions when others join under you.
    • All programs in the cash funnel correspond to the menu below You can get back to the page you want by clicking that menu item.

SOKULE Powerhouse AdvertisingWe Auto Build a Targeted list for you. Mail to it Daily.

MY  MONEY MAILERThe uncommon mailer that’s taking the web by storm! Boost your advertising power. Send your offers to an exclusive list of private email addresses and grab more views, clicks, leads, and sales.

PROFIT FROM FREE ADSOne of the Most Responsive Mailers Online-Mail to over 10,000 every two days

KULETRAFFICThe best of both worlds – A Ton of Traffic and a fabulous Solo Ad Mailer to over 12,000

FRONTPAGE MAIL – 1 solo ad mailer, 1 article Mailer. Get Your sites on page 1 of Google in 72 hours or less. Reach over 200,000 with just 1 Click.

YOU CAN REACH EVERYONE – A list of over 659,000 members. Mail Daily 15,000 at a time. When you can reach everyone, You make sales

1 STOP PROFITS – Solo ad mailer to over 82,000 active members. You must be a platinum member of 1StopProfits to use this remarkable mailer.

KULEBLASTER – Hit Submit. That’s It. Mail to over 430,000 (9500.00 at a time) Mail Daily at the Founder level

EMAIL CONTENT CHECKERCheck Your Email Content and Subject line-If you score 90 or above, your email is guaranteed to be delivered to inboxes. Reach over 250,000 with 1 click.

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ITSY LINKS MAILER – Use Itsy links in your emails and get your stats. Mail to 5000 every 2 days.

VIRAL ADS DEPOT – Very responsive Solo ad Mailer to all members.  Mail every 2 days- Comes with 1 Million Mailing credits (Value $5000.00)- Unique Team downline mailer  Mail 3 levels deep

RICHER MAILER – The Mailer that everyone uses to Walk Away Richer. Use the mailer every 2 days. Reach over 127,000 members with one click.

1STOPSOLOADS – A Solo Ad site that is a feeder site to WalkAwayMailer. You can join free, and prices for buying credits to use the mailer start at just $5.00. It is affordable for all, and the cash funnel is the same as the Solo Ads Cash Funnel in WalkAwayMailer and 1StopProfits,

So when you promote 1StopSoloAds, you are promoting WalkAwayMailer at the same time. You are going to love this made-for-profit mailer. All you do is Click, Send-Profit.

WALKAWAYMAILER – AutoMail your offers to over 97,000 active members every two days. Set it and forget it technology or use the manual mailer. Your choice. One of the best mailers we have developed with all the bells and whistles. Give away 1 million free ad credits to everyone who sign-ups under you.


Sokens Bonuses

Join my Free Sokule Link

  • Matching ‘Sign-Up Offers
  • MNatcvhing – Upgrade Offers
  • Example Sokens Value – We will auto-build your list with 10 million free Sokens
  • We give you (value $12,700.00).
  • Bonuses –
    • Submit your Solue Affiliate Id,  sign-up, and/or Upgrade details to

Dr. Don – Founder ICFO

Thank You for Reading ‘Sokule ‘Sokens’ perks are?

Join Sokule FREE Today


Thank You for Helping Increase Internet Crime Awareness

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