Work from Home Staffing Agencies: How to Get Placed in a Remote Job

Work from home staffing agencies can make it easier to find remote work. In fact, staffing agencies are regularly used by both small and large companies to help fill vacancies with great talent (like you).

But, are remote staffing agencies remote-friendly? Yes, for the most part.

Keep reading to learn more about 15 work from home staffing agencies. One just may be your ticket to a new remote role. 

What is a Work from Home Staffing Agency? 

First, let’s go over what a staffing agency is. Staffing agencies are the middleman between employers and job seekers. They are also called recruitment, search, or staffing firms. 

Work from home staffing agencies place talent in remote roles across many industries.
work from home staffing agencies connect companies and talent

For example, let’s say Company PDQ Inc. needs to hire an online bookkeeper. However, PDQ does not want to go through the recruiting process on its own. After all, hiring is costly and time consuming. In fact, it averages out to about $4,129 and 42 days to fill a single position, according to ADP.  

So, PDQ decides to work with a staffing agency instead. Now the staffing agency sets out to find candidates to fill the bookkeeper position. Typically, work from home staffing agencies have an existing pool of candidates to pull from (more on that later). 

How Do I Get Hired? 

First, you provide your basic information to the staffing agency. This includes your work history and job preferences. Then a recruiter works with you to find a role that is a good fit. Eventually, there are interviews to complete as you go through the hiring process. Finally, you receive an offer of employment or a fixed-term contract. 

Generally speaking, staffing agencies streamline your job search. You hand your resume to them and your recruiter uses it to find multiple open roles on your behalf. 

What Remote Positions Can I Find? 

Some staffing agencies work in specific industries. For example, let’s say Staffing Solutions RUS specializes in placing legal staff. Others offer broad staffing services across all industries. 

Regardless, you can find just about any remote job vacancy via staffing firms. Common remote roles regularly promoted by staffing agencies include: 

  • Customer Service
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Payroll 
  • Recruiter
  • Marketing Specialist 

And, that’s just a short list! 

What Types of Employment Do Staffing Agencies Offer?

Typically, staffing agencies are known for temp jobs. 

I hottest in the Office Award goes to Ryan the temp

And, yes, there are definitely temporary jobs available. However, it doesn’t stop there. There are different types of employment you need to know about before registering with a staffing agency. 


Often, companies use staffing agencies to fill short-term vacancies. A common example is when an employee takes maternity/paternity leave for a few months.

Another scenario is when companies periodically require extra help. For example, an online retailer needs all hands on deck during the holidays. 

In both scenarios, these companies use staffing agencies to fill roles temporarily. These assignments typically last for just a few months. 

Temp to Hire 

Temp to hire is like a trial run. In other words, the company is open to hiring a temp worker permanently but wants to test the waters first. So, there’s a short-term contract in place with an option to hire at the end of it. 

Direct Hire 

Finally, there is direct hire. This is when a company turns to a work from home staffing agency to place a full time employee. Once a person is placed via the staffing agency, they are officially an employee of that company. 

Work From Home Staffing Agencies: The Top 5 with the Most Remote Jobs

Now you have a good understanding of what a staffing agency is and the types of employment you can find. It’s finally time to look at firms that have tons remote openings available. 

1. Kelly

Kelly has been in the recruiting business for more than 75 years. Today, they work with 90 of the Fortune 100 companies to place top talent in open roles. In fact, Kelly places nearly 500,000 workers every year. Even more impressive is that a whopping 72% of openings at Kelly have a remote work option. 

Recently Listed Remote Roles at Kelly:

  • Outbound Customer Care
  • Recruiter
  • Test Scorer
  • Interpreter
  • Payroll Specialist 

Please visit the Kelly Job Openings page for more information and next steps. 

Kelly often mass hires for a single role (pipeline hiring). For example, a single listing for “Customer Service Agent” could be for hundreds of openings that need to be filled. 

2. Randstand 

Currently, Randstad is the second largest staffing firm in the world! For the most part, Randstad provides top talent to companies across all industries, including many Fortune 500 Companies. At this time, 81% of all roles are remote-friendly

randstand places remote workers in roles across all industries

Recently Listed Remote Roles at Randstand: 

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Mortgage Underwriter
  • Insurance Agent
  • Medical Billing

Randstand’s Job Seeker page has detailed information about signing up to join its talent pool.

3. Robert Half

Robert Half International was founded in 1948. Today, it’s often listed on FlexJobs’ 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs. Additional Robert Half awards include one of the Best Places to Work by Human Rights Campaign and one of the Happiest Companies in America by CareerBliss. 

Robert Half places talent across in-demand remote industries like legal, human resources, accounting, IT, finances, and more. Roughly 86% of its listings are remote

robert half regularly recruits remote workers

Some recently listed roles include: 

  • Accountant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Sales Representative
  • Paralegal
  • Project Assistant

Head on over to Robert Half Hiring to learn how they can help you find a remote job. 

4. Kforce

Kforce mostly places workers in technology and accounting/finance roles. In fact, it works for 70% of Fortune 100 companies to provide short-term and long-term support in these areas. Go ahead and check out my Kforce review to learn about the ins and outs of recruitment there.

Today, Kforce has 4,000 clients and places 23,000 candidates in open roles each year. Approximately 73% of all listings are for remote work!

submit your resume and work with a recruiter at kforce

Past openings include:

  • Payroll Accountant
  • Tax Accountant
  • Technical Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Technical Support

To join one of the better work from home staffing agencies, visit Kforce to submit your resume

5. Ajilon 

Founded in 2011, Ajilon is a newer staffing company. Even still, it’s able to place nearly 15,000 professionals every year! Ajilon specializes in marketing, administration, customer service, human resources, and nonclinical healthcare roles. 

For example, recent listings include: 

  • Medical Biller
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Payroll 
  • Medical Coder

An impressive 85% of these roles are remote. To start, job seekers, like you, work with recruiters to get placed in the perfect position. There’s more detailed information about the recruiting process over at Ajilon

ajilon recruiters are there to help you find the right remote job

Even More Work from Home Staffing Agencies

The five staffing agencies mentioned above are those with a high percentage of work from home jobs. Additionally, each of them appear on the FlexJobs’ Top 100 Companies hiring remote workers.

However, they are just a small sample of remote-friendly staffing agencies. 

These staffing agencies are known for remote work too: 

Solomon Page – Works with companies within industries like Fashion & Beauty, Hospitality, Media, and Healthcare. 

Belay – An entirely remote team started in 2010. Common remote jobs at Belay include Virtual Assistant, Bookkeeping, and Social Media Manager. 

Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH) – Helps job seekers find jobs with companies that align with their values. Also brings temps on as LHH employees which come with benefits like health insurance, PTO, and bonuses. 

Staffmark – Places an astounding 41,000 people in jobs every week. https://video.digi-me.com/staffmark/expectations/CIYM0001

Beacon Hill Staffing Group – Named one of the best staffing firms by Forbes. Has jobs available in legal, project management, administrative, and research industries.

Michael Page – Recruitment expertise in accounting, legal, human resources, information technology, sales, and marketing. Provides career advice for job seekers to help build their careers. 

Aquent – Firmly believes that work should be flexible and inclusive. Provides career coaching and benefits to its talent. 

Working Solutions – Places agents as independent contractors in various work from home programs. Must pass assessments to receive an assignment. 

Manpower Group – Works across all industries. Offers resources for job seekers to change careers and develop skills. 

What Else Should I Know About Work From Home Staffing Agencies? 

Many work from home staffing agencies have in-person and remote roles available. However, some (like Belay) are entirely remote. Always tell your recruiter you’re interested in remote work only. 

Keep in mind, a lot of remote job openings have location requirements. This holds true for staffing agencies too. So, as you work with a staffing agency, don’t be surprised to see jobs that require candidates to live in select states and even specific cities. It’s completely normal.

Lastly, be open and honest with your recruiter. Their job is to find you a job that aligns with your career ideals and goals. Tell them what you’re looking for and the types of companies you see yourself working for. Only accept a placement if it’s a role that actually interests you. 

In the end, work from home staffing agencies are a reliable source of remote jobs. However, keep in mind that staffing agencies do not guarantee placement.

Finally, visit the work from home staffing agencies on this list. After you get established with one (or two) you’ll have a steady stream of remote jobs coming your way.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. I’ll do my best to steer you in the right direction. You’ve got this! 



These 15 work from home staffing agencies can help place you in a remote job.
get placed in a remote job by work from staffing agencies



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